We have a clear message: dress how you are, how you feel, how you live. Strengthen your identity, express your essence and take care of your surroundings.
We support being an active part of the change we want to see and we encourage you to consume in a conscious and responsible way.
A brand that creates for women that wish to embrace a unique design, inspired by art and culture, with a timeless, comfortable and functional style.

Urban chic style
Functional, feminine and casual with a creative touch.
Design from zero
We design all our garments from scratch in our offices in Bilbao.
We are not in a rush
Our fashion is slow; made with affection. We design two collections a year with exclusive garments and prints.
Local heart, global mind
Connected to our origins, living in a global network. We are present in 38 countries.

Fairtrade Label
You get what you give. We want to care for the people we work with and generate value for them, at every step of the way.
Through the Chetna Coalition (Chetco), SKFK pledges to buy organic cotton, one year in advance, from a cooperative of small farmers located into the Odisha, Maharashtra and Telangana states of India. The price paid is a fair one, and the long-term commitment reduces economic pressure on more than 35,000 farmers. Because Chetco is composed of various ethical fashion brands, the demand is high and the favourable conditions are convincing more farmers to switch their cotton production to an organic one, safeguarding their health as well as ours.
For all these reasons, SKFK is certified to use the FAIRTRADE Cotton label.

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